WHAT’S THIS? An electric Porsche with a GTS badge? Surely not? Three letters that indicate more agility, more handling precision, more drama and improved endurance. Does the 2.3-ton Taycan deserve such a label?

Purely on a nomenclature basis, you could argue that a Gran Turismo Sport version makes more sense than the range-topping Taycan Turbo, given that electric cars don’t have turbos. And when even the big old Cayenne SUV now has a GTS derivative — in fact, all Porsche model lines now have one — why not do so with the Taycan?

When reviewing the 911 GT3 earlier this year I said it was the most fun I’ve had on track in any car. That’s still the case — the Taycan GTS can’t beat it for thrills. But as a first example of how Porsche intends to make circuit driving with electric cars fun, they’ve done an astonishing job. This is the most engaging EV yet. A drivers’ car and, dare I say it, emotional.

Do you agree and would the Porsche be YOUR choice?

Or is the Tesla Plaid UNTOUCHABLE?

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CAR WARS! Porsche Taycan GTS Or Tesla PLAID? Do YOU Agree With The Reviewers Assessment Or Is The Plaid UNTOUCHABLE?

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