The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was lambasted on Twitter on Thursday evening after posting what one user called a “parody-level” graph showing gas prices dropped less than two cents over a one-week period — and praising President Biden for the minuscule decrease.
“Thanks, @JoeBiden,” the House Democrats’ campaign organization tweeted along with a chart showing the average nationwide price for a gallon of regular gas.
The chart showed the average price at $3.395 on Nov. 22 before declining to show it at $3.38 on Nov. 29.

Washington Post chief fact-checker Glenn Kessler agreed, tweeting: “What an utterly ridiculous chart. Truly dumb.”

LOOK at the Y axis illustrating LESS than .02.

Give us YOUR .02 on this....

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SERIOUSLY? Biden And Democrats CELEBRATE 1.5 Cent Per Gallon DROP In Gas Prices!

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