Volvo's name may be synonymous with station wagons, but like all carmakers today, its bread and butter is the crossover. The Volvo XC60, for example, sold more across the first three quarters of 2021 than Volvo's S60, S90, V60, and V90 wagons and sedans did combined, according to Autocar. It'd be understandable, then, if Volvo decided to quit cars in favor of SUVs. But according to CEO Håkan Samuelsson, their spirits will actually carry forward despite S-line sedan and V-line wagon monikers going away.

"Yes, the [S and V] lines will be replaced with something even more attractive to consumers," Samuelsson told Autocar. "We need lower cars with a more conventional body size but maybe a little less square [than before]. These low cars will be in addition to our high-positioned SUVs. Stay tuned."

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Volvo Not Giving Up On Wagons And Sedans - CEO Says Expect Big Changes

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