Toyota Corolla hot hatchback is coming, that much is clear. Toyota has been teasing the car for months, and years of leaks have given us a good idea of its mechanical makeup. Think the GR Yaris' turbo-three, all-wheel drive, and so on. Now, some of these details have been confirmed to The Drive by a source within Toyota's dealer network, who says the GR Corolla will definitely have a manual transmission, a factory widebody, and possibly even an unusual, three-tip exhaust setup.

This source informed me that some Toyota dealers have already seen a prototype, which was apparently on display at a private preview event in Las Vegas late last year. The prototype is said to have been camouflaged, potentially making it the one Toyota showed us in October. This car was apparently more or less as the rumors have described, with a turbocharged three-cylinder, a manual box, and mechanical all-wheel drive. It'll be a widebody hatchback, not a sedan, though such wouldn't be unwelcome.

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Toyota GR Corolla Hot Hatch To Get AWD And A Manual Transmission

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