As the world transitions to electric vehicles, there’s no shortage of fear of the unknown for buyers. Range anxiety is the least of those concerns these days. People are worried about self-driving tech, in-car cameras, and remote vehicle hacking. All of those can be valid concerns but the latest story of a 19-year old taking limited control of Teslas around the world isn’t as scary as it sounds.


David Colombo, a self-proclaimed information technology specialist, according to Autonews, says he has limited remote control of at least 25 Teslas in at least 13 different countries. Since he doesn’t own any of them, that is, objectively, not great. He says that he can do quite a lot with these controls too. For starters, he can be annoying. That’s not too shocking considering that he’s a teenager but it’s how he’s annoying that counts.

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Teen Hacker Claims He Gained Access To Tesla After Owners Allowed Free Access To Their Vehicles

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