Can we all admit that we don't do enough to DE-STRESS from the pressures of life?

Now all I need now is a camping truck!

A hot spring right out of a fairy tale, have you ever found a warm spring in the forest? Relax with me in this magical one.

Hello my friend, I've been feeling particularly stressed lately about a lot of things, sometimes the best way for me to relax and unwind is to surround myself with beautiful, mossy trees, green ferns, and the sound of a creek. This video is a little different, sit back, relax and enjoy the relaxing music, sounds of nature, and this magical place I found in the forest. Don't worry, camping and cooking to follow, how I shower outside of my truck camper, and a lake side meal to end the day.

VIDEO: It's The Weekend! Who DOESN'T Need Some Truck Camping To A HOT STREAM For STRESS Relief?

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