I actually sat through that bizzare press conference today that Joe Biden held and yes he said some of the wildest things like he's OVERPERFORMED at his job in the first year.

But seeing we're all about cars, we'll only focus on that.

Biden said:

"The inflation has everything to do with the supply chain." Wait, it had NOTHING to do with handing out TRILLIONS in freebies?

But this is the one that had me spinning...

"The reason autos have skyrocketed in price is because of the lack of computer chips.

We have the capacity and we’re going to do everything in our power to do it to become self-reliant on the computer chips that we need."

Do you honestly think he will accomplish THAT goal? SELF-RELIANCE on computer chips for cars?

What was your take?

Biden Makes WILD Claims At Today's Press Conference. Says HE Will Make The USA SELF-RELIANT In Computer Chips For Cars. SERIOUSLY? WHO On EARTH Thinks He Will Get That Done?

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