Dax Shepard called out fellow liberals for what he deemed to be one of the more counterproductive ways of raising climate change awareness: shaming people for driving gas cars.

“On the left what I have seen the approach be is A)  completely ignoring the source of carbon,”  Shepard said. “We have to address [global warming] by lobbing off the worse offenders in order. One of the least offenders, I hate to tell everyone, is cars. It’s one of the more insignificant elements of this huge pie of carbon.”

Shepard continued the criticize the left for talking down to gasoline car owners.

“The left has taken it and just fired up the shame machine,” he said. “That’s what we love to do. We are the big pointers at people. We’re the shame-mongers.”

Shepard argued that the finger-pointing isn’t helping to advance progress on climate change.
“When you approach people with, ‘You’re a piece of shit cause you drive this car’ and you’re actually not accurate about it being a big slice of the pie. Guess what, you’re movement wasn’t very fucking effective. And I have that frustration with our side.”

Spies, is he right? Or are there even worse problems beyond this of why they're failing with their message?

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Dax Shepard BLASTS Left For Shaming Gas Car Drivers: ‘Your Movement Wasn’t Very F*cking Effective’

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