At a time when few car dealers are offering price breaks or incentives on new or used vehicles, Ford Motor Co. is launching a new program that sweetens the deal for used car buyers in the digital marketplace.

Beginning in February, Ford will offer a 14-day/1,000 mile money-back guarantee, which the company touts as the best offer from any major automaker.

"We’re making the buying experience a little bit better," Andrew Ashman, used vehicle manager for Ford, told the Free Press on Thursday.

"If you find the vehicle you love or you like, and you get it home and you find out it’s not the right vehicle, you can bring it back and get your money back," he said. "That just kind of creates that peace of mind, that when you do buy from a Ford dealer you’re not only buying a quality vehicle but you’re making sure it fits your lifestyle."

We ask, what could go wrong?

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WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Ford Offers Buyers 14 Days, 1,000 Miles To Return Used Vehicles With Money-Back Guarantee

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