With the Escalade sitting at the summit of its range, you'd be forgiven for thinking Cadillac's image of excess and wanton consumption won't change anytime soon. The imminent arrival of the high-performance V derivative confirms this but, as GM plans to tackle electrification head-on, this is set to change.

The all-electric Lyriq is a symbol of change for the American luxury carmaker. While it retains the company's familiar design traits, the battery-powered SUV will lead the charge into the EV era. It's the first of many, with the Celestiq sedan set to redefine what a full-size Cadillac sedan is. And, if the latest reports are to be trusted, the svelte EV will also target unfamiliar rivals - Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

Reports now suggest that Cadillac will rival the bespoke programs on offer from the aforementioned carmakers, allowing would-be Celestiq owners to personalize the luxury sedan to their exacting requirements.

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Cadillac Celestiq Promises To Be As Customizable As A Bentley Or Rolls Royce

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