Politics aside, gas prices are exploding at an alarming rate. This week, the nation hit a new average high fuel price as gas hit $4.58 per gallon. That's tough, but even more alarming is the fact that several factors will probably continue pushing gas prices for the foreseeable future. Places like California, Oregon, and Washington state are girding themselves for fuel prices that could crest $10 per gallon. It's no wonder they want people to drive more EVs.

Gas prices climbed ten percent this week, according to AAA, as drivers buy more fuel and supplies tighten. Many worry that the U.S. economy is backsliding into recession, which could actually be a good thing for gas prices. AAA notes that a downturn could suppress demand, leading to a decline in the price of crude. Things could improve over time as gas vehicles slowly fade away, but that's not an immediate fix, nor is it a guarantee. The situation is crazy enough that even Elon Musk is suggesting an increase in oil production.

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