Fisker is attempting a huge expansion in a short amount of time. After announcing plans to make a four-door convertible with the longest range of any production EV (600 miles!), the company now says it will offer the cheapest all-electric SUV you can buy, starting in 2024. It’s called the PEAR — for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution. Yeah, I know.

The PEAR has been out there as a concept for awhile, though Fisker has not released any real images of the actual vehicle. (Also, apparently well over 1,000 people have put in reservations for the car, which they have never seen.) Recently, the company announced that this second model after the Ocean will have a targeted starting price of $29,900. Foxconn will build the SUV for Fisker at the Lordstown plant in Ohio; the automaker says it expects to build 250,000 PEARs a year when things are up and running. Lofty goals, for sure. We'll have to see.

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Fisker Promises Sub $30,000 Foxconn Built Electric SUV Net Year

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