I got a text last night from a friend asking if I knew a Toyota dealer because their niece needed to trade her 2014 Tacoma in and buy a hybrid. Because the price of gas is KILLING her because she drives 1800 or so miles a month.

She lives in Socal and you already know how TERRIBLE the mileage is for the Asian trucks like Tacoma, Frontier, etc.

Hers is a FOUR cylinder and her average mileage is 14mpg!!! Her monthly bill for gas right now?


And BTW, the $800 is AFTER TAX dollars.

I can't imagine any other bill that she has crushing her prosperity more than for gasoline. What a TERRIBLE tax hurting so many ESPECIALLY minorities, the poor and less fortunate.

So I thought I'd ask all of you how the prices effected you and how much are YOU paying per month.

Tell us where you live, how much gas is and what vehicle/vehicles you're filling up...

NIGHTMARE On Elm Street. And EVERY OTHER! How Much Do You Spend In Gas Per Month?

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