The Ford F-150 Lightning deliveries have officially started, the first retail customer being a Michigan resident. As you can imagine, this would not have gone unnoticed, but Ford managed to make it memorable by trolling Tesla. Nicholas Schmidt shared on Twitter the message he got from Ford PR, inviting him to share his delivery experience and first impressions. This will be featured on Ford’s homepage, says the message linked below.

This is not unusual in a world driven by social media, where companies want to make the most out of each event. What is interesting in this case is that, according to Bloomberg, Nicholas is a Tesla owner, and he was waiting for a long time for his Cybertruck to be delivered. This might be a terrible coincidence, of course. Still, seeing recent Ford’s jabs at Tesla, one might believe that Nicholas has been cherry-picked to be the first retail customer of Ford’s electric truck.

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Ford Delivers First F-150 Lightning To A Tesla Model 3 Owner With A Cybertruck Order

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