“I truly love the Aventador,” he wrote. “Oh, sure, you can buy more economical supercars and more comfortable supercars and even faster supercars, but none delivers quite so much theatre as the big V12 Lambo.

“This is a car that should never emerge from behind a garage door. It should come, every morning, from behind a pair of massive theatre drapes in a cloud of dry ice, while the full London Symphony Orchestra plays Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. Through the Grateful Dead’s speaker stack.”

Clarkson, however, remains unconvinced about the new electrified Lambos, bemoaning the fact that we won’t see the Aventador’s ilk again.

“Laws and public opinion mean the next big Lamborghini will still have a V12, but it will be sanitized with some kind of electrical assistance,” he wrote. “It’ll be like a gallon of moonshine with a label saying ‘drink responsibly’.

“Can you drink moonshine responsibly? That’s why I’m nervous about what Lamborghini does next. Because I’m not sure you can.”

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REVIEW: Lamborghini Aventador UNACCEPTABLE To Jeremy Clarkson? Read on...

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