SHARE THIS ARTICLE released Tuesday its annual study of the most American-made vehicles sold domestically. The results, representing 95 vehicles built in America during the calendar year 2021, placed Honda and Tesla in the top 10 more often than other automakers including Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. The study noted that among customers surveyed, a surging number of Americans are interested in purchasing fully electric or hybrid vehicles, and just the same, many want them to be built in the United States.

The study's primary ranking determined which individual models are the most American-made by equally weighing the national origin of their engine, transmission, and parts content alongside their assembly locations and factory job numbers. The most American vehicle for 2021 was the Tesla Model Y, followed by the Tesla Model 3. The No. 3 position was filled by the Lincoln Corsair, which was then backed up by an additional two Teslas, the Model X and S.


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If You Want To Buy The Most American Made Car Out There, Then Tesla Is Your First Choice

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