Unlike refueling a combustion engine, electric charging is not a two-minute job, and there are worries that if drivers need to add more range during darker hours, there is sometimes nowhere to take shelter or keep warm – and, worst case, the charging point is located in an isolated and poorly lit area of a car park, far from any other building or security.

“As we transition to electric vehicles, we’re committed to ensuring everyone is safe and feels safe when charging, no matter who or where they are.

“The fact dwell time for an electric car driver is longer than for someone topping up a petrol and diesel car underlines the importance of making sure the experience is a safe and positive one.

“The recent government consultation on improving the overall public charging experience for drivers was a welcome step forward, but there now needs to be some specific focus on what drivers should expect when faced with charging up at night.”

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UK Starting To Have Concerns With Late Night EV Charging Safety. Key Issues Need Addressing.

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