The 100th edition of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is set to take place this weekend, and the mountain is already full of racers who are preparing for the event. Qualifying for the 2022 session has already begun, and Randy Pobst is back with a Tesla. He already shaved five seconds off his 2021 qualifying time.

Racing a Tesla involves a fight with physics, as the vehicle weighs about 4,900 pounds (ca. 2,223 kg) with driver. The goal of the Unplugged Performance team is to have the fastest four-door production-based EV race car. The vehicle managed to hit speeds of up to 141 mph (ca. 227 kph) during the qualifying run, which is held on a small portion of the route.

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WATCH: Randy Pobst Wrestles His 5,000LB Tesla Model S Plaid Qualifying For The Pikes Peak Hill Climb

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