Two men opened a gate and entered the backyard of a home near Ottavio Promenade and Page Avenue in the Tottenville section at about 3:05 a.m., police said. They tried to open the back door, but it was locked, so they left the property and drove off in a white four-door sedan, police said.

They climbed into the home and stole a set of car keys, police said. The men then drove away in a 2017 Rolls-Royce Dawn.
The owner of the vehicle, identified only as John, told the Staten Island Advance that he was able to turn the tables on the burglars by using a remote kill switch to turn the luxury ride off, then used a built-in tracking device to locate it in Newark.

"I was downstairs within seconds while they were pulling out of the driveway," John told the local newspaper. "They were attempting to turn it back on, but they couldn’t because I disabled it."

WATCH! Man Turns Tables On Car Thieves Who STOLE His Rolls-Royce Dawn. See How!

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