Volkswagen AGs CEO Herbert Diess said Teslas production ramps at both the Berlin and Austin Gigafactories should slow the company down enough for the German automaker to catch up.

“Elon (Musk) has to ramp up two highly complex factories in Austin and Gruenheide at the same time – as well as expand production in Shanghai. That’s going to take strength out of him,” Diess said on Tuesday, according to Reuters.


Volkswagen has chased after Tesla for several years, and now that the company has gained plenty of credibility after early woes with software and production, its leadership sees Tesla in its sights. Diess has been adamant that Tesla is the leader of the EV sector, and Musk has even commented that VW is number two. However, the two CEOs and friends still wish to outdo one another, attempting to push through the biggest bottlenecks in EV production and become the world’s unequivocal leader in EVs.

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VW Ceo Says Tesla German And Texas Factories Will Actually Slow Down Tesla's Growth

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