Westbrook is VinFast’s chief service officer (CSO), and he was asked about that possibility at the event. His answer was very vague, and he just said that VinFast wants to “serve the needs of the market.” If the Vietnamese company rules “that’s what the market needs,” the executive thinks it could offer an electric pickup truck. We are not sure why Reuters decided it was worth reporting that, mainly because he could have said the same about a hatchback, a sedan, a van, or a station wagon. Despite that, the news raises an interesting discussion that is worth bringing to you.

In 2020, VinFast patented images for a pickup truck. The designer was Filippo Perini, the design director of Italdesign. So far, all production vehicles from the Vietnamese brand were designed by Pininfarina, making the pickup truck an exception.

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Vinfast Considers Building An Electric Pickup In The US

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