A new video released by Global NCAP shows a crash test between two Hyundai cars sold in the US and Mexico respectively. It demonstrates the stark contrasts in vehicle safety standards around the world.

Representing the US market is a Hyundai Accent, while the Mexican market car is a Hyundai Grand i10. The two vehicles are the cheapest sedans sold by Hyundai in their respective countries. The US market car features 6 airbags and electronic stability control, a stark contrast to the Mexican market car which only features two frontal airbags.

The two vehicles were accelerated towards each other in a head-on crash test, with the cars colliding with a small overlap on the driver's side. The aftermath of the crash shows a major difference in how well the passengers in each car are protected.

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WATCH: Hyundai Crash Tests A US Market Car Vs. A Mexican Market Car - The Results Are Astonishing

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