Arnaud Ribault, head of Citroen Europe, said that electrification poses a “real threat” to affordable vehicles, not only for Citroen but for all automakers, with the rising cost of raw materials impacting car production all over the world. The comments come after the EU parliament’s decision to allow only sales of zero-emission vehicles in Europe after 2035.



As reported by Autocar, Arnaud Ribault said: “It’s really a threat that the electrification has increased the price of the car so much that people can’t afford cars anymore. It’s a real threat, not only regarding Citroën, so we’re increasingly conscious of that and are working on this”. Ribault admitted they are trying to reduce the cost of their vehicles in order to compensate for the increased cost of raw materials and electrification.

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Citroen Sees Electrification As A Threat To Affordable Vehicles

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