The GMC Hummer EV is one of the hottest electric vehicles on the market. In normal circumstances, demand for the truck would likely still far outpace supply; however, these are not normal circumstances. As the Wall Street Journal reports, due to supply constraints, General Motors is building around a dozen Hummer EVs a day. With a waitlist of 77,000 people, it would take the automaker approximately 17 years to satisfy demand at its current pace.

Speaking to the WSJ, a GM spokesperson says it will soon ramp up production as battery cell availability improves. So far, GM has been using outsourced LG battery cells in order to build its packs. When the automaker's Ohio battery factory comes online later in the summer, it's indicated that hundreds of deliveries should "grow to thousands" later in 2022.

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At The Current Production Rate It Will Take GMC 17 Years To Fill All Hummer Orders

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