Brazen eco-zealots Tyre Extinguishers are celebrating their expansion into America, after slashing the tires of 40 SUVs in New York City Thursday night and bragging that they'll 'never be caught.'

The movement, which originated in the United Kingdom, seeks to dissuade people from owning SUVs in urban areas, and switch instead to more environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Tyre extinguishers took credit for deflating the tires of 40 SUVs on Manhattan's Upper East Side Thursday. 

The SUVs they vandalized had leaflets let on the windshield, which stated: 'Attention: Your gas guzzler kills'.
When reached by via e-mail, an anonymous representative for the group said: 'We will be striking in major cities all across America as autonomous groups are formed to take action.'

Some of the response tweets are priceless...

What would YOU do if you caught them doing this to YOUR vehicle?

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Brazen Eco-Zealots SLASH 40 SUV Tires In NYC Vowing To DO The Same In Major US Cities. And CLAIM They Will NEVER Get Caught!

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