Late last month, the European Union reached an agreement on the 2035 combustion ban. There was good news for both environmentalists and engine lovers, as the new agreement confirms the EU's goals for an electric future while also making allowance for the introduction of synthetic fuels. As part of this agreement, all cars' emissions must be 100% CO2 free by 2035, but for small-volume automakers like McLaren and Ferrari, the challenges are greater than for mainstream automakers. Fortunately, Automotive News Europe reports that automakers that sell fewer than 10,000 cars or 22,000 vans in Europe will have more time to reduce emissions, with an exemption agreement now extended to 2035. Originally, these small-scale automakers would have had to meet tougher emissions limits by 2029.

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European Supercar Makers Get A Break From EU Ban Of ICE Vehicles

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