Most people like to think of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class as Merc's most accomplished off-roader, but that's simply not true. The Unimog is not currently on sale in the USA, but there are specialist companies that will import one for you. It's a pity because the U 529 makes even the G63 4x4 Squared look like a toy.

A 1985 Unimog 1300L Camper recently went on sale and it's beautiful in its simplicity. Looking at it from the side, you can tell that the conversion was done by somebody who knew what they were doing. The additional bodywork at the rear has a minimal impact on the departure angle, and that's about it. It's actually quite exceptional that one man was able to fabricate all of this.


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Forget The G-Wagon Bronco Or Wrangler - All You Really Need Is A Unimog

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