Tesla lost its third lawsuit in Germany because of its advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). A buyer took his case to the Darmstadt Regional Court on June 17, 2020. On February 21, 2022, the court ruled Tesla would have to buy back his car and pay the customer €67,000 ($68,162 at the current exchange rate). Although this is the third lawsuit Tesla has lost in Germany for the same reason, this one is slightly different.

This is the first case in which a Tesla customer brings up having HW 2.5 in his car. If you don’t remember what this involves, Elon Musk announced on April 23, 2019, that all its vehicles made from that point on would have all the necessary hardware to become self-driving. The Tesla CEO announced on the same day that the computer that would give the company its robotaxis was called HW 3.0. In other words, all Tesla vehicles would have that computer. Things did not go as Musk said they would.

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German Court Orders Tesla To Buy Back Third Vehicle Due To Autopilot Shortcomings

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