There is never a day off from working out for Mark Wahlberg. In fact, the actor has revealed he’s staying in shape with two workouts a day. He recently hit the gym in Vegas, and his ride there was a luxurious Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600.

Working out has a lot of health benefits, but it doesn’t always come easy to get started. Not for 51-year-old actor Mark Wahlberg, who has kept his shredded body over the years with intense workout routines.

In a new series of videos on Instagram posted over the weekend, Wahlberg revealed that he’s actually doing two workouts a day: “After this workout, we’re going to F45 in Vegas, baby,” he said in one of the videos. “This is just a little warm-up, little cardio, little abs, and then F45 for the greatest workout.” The F45 gym chain is just one of the many businesses in which the actor owns stakes.

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How Does Actor Mark Wahlberg Make It To The Gym? In A Maybach GLS 600 Of Course

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