Back in August 2019, Mercedes-Benz AG became aware of a handful of cases in which customers received warnings regarding the 12-volt battery or 4Matic all-wheel-drive system. The company investigated, promptly discovering that corrosion on the electrical connector of the transmission wiring harness triggered the messages in the digital instrument cluster.

Come August 2021, the Stuttgart-based luxury automaker was made aware of a handful more cases involving thermal events. Over the course of several months, Mercedes-Benz AG investigated the issue thoroughly, evaluating the potential effects of short circuits on the wiring harness electrical connector. Fast forward to early 2022, and MBAG determined that “production deviations in the routing and the length of the cable caused mechanical strain on the single-wire seal.” The company further notes that seal separation could result in water ingress into the electrical connector.

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27,300 Mercedes Recalled For Misrouted Wiring Harness

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