Toyotas reputation for reliability has made it a force to be reckoned with in the mass market automotive segment. But that reputation may be lulling some into a false sense of security.

In a recent video on The Car Care Nut YouTube channel, a Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician who goes by the name AMD shows the world what can happen to the interior of an engine that receives the minimum care recommended by Toyota to satisfy its warranty requirements and follows the 10,000 mile (16,093 km) oil change interval.

For his example, AMD takes a 2015 Toyota Camry with 180,000 miles on it that was owned by a customer who wanted to get the most out of his car. He was diligent with care and even questioned the dealer when they said that the car’s oil only needed to be changed every 10,000 miles. The dealer insisted, though, and the owner relented.


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