Lawyers for the City of New York submitted a brief this week that blamed the death of a 3-month-old baby killed by a reckless driver last year in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn on her grieving parents. Because really, they should have known how dangerous it is to exist on a New York sidewalk.

Julien Mong and Marion Guillemin lost their infant daughter Apolline Mong-Guillemin on September 11, 2021. That evening, the family was out for a stroll when Tyrik Mott drove the wrong way down a one-way street while fleeing police. Mott hit another driver, forcing that car on to the curb and into the small family. The second car hit Mong, Guillemin and their daughter, launching the 3-month-old from her stroller. Mott had a long history of traffic violations, according to AMNY:

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NYC Lawyers Blame Pedestrian Parents For Death Of Baby During Police Chase

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