Throughout its 73-year-old history, Honda has produced some absolute gems in the automotive industry, which have cemented the Honda brand in the market. There's something about Japanese brands like Lexus, Toyota, and Honda, that has become synonymous with dependability over the years. Sadly, even though Honda has suffered a drop in reliability ratings lately, there are plenty of cars in the brand's history and lineup that can keep customers happy.

On the other hand, every big carmaker has faltered over time, and Honda is no different. The Japanese manufacturer has also come out with cars that simply couldn't have been depended on, and kept breaking down, proving to be a nightmare for customers. Here are 5 Honda cars that were extremely reliable, and 5 that kept falling apart.

Here are the five WORST:

2002 Civic Si
Honda CRX Del Sol (1992)
1997 Acura CL 2.2
Honda Prelude
2005 Accord Hybrid

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Not ALL Honda's Have Been STELLAR In Reliability Over The Years. Can You GUESS The 5 WORST?

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