The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was supposed to help spur electric vehicle adoption, but it’s confusing buyers, angering other countries, and leaving some automakers unsure if upcoming models will qualify for incentives.

In a sense, it’s been a mess and that’s before factoring in the countless electric vehicles that are no longer eligible for incentives due to the law’s America first ideology.


The latest country to take issue with the act is China, which stands to lose out due to sourcing and assembly requirements. According to Bloomberg, a spokesperson for the country’s Ministry of Commerce said the IRA “discriminates against similar imported goods and is a suspected breach of the World Trade Organization principles.” Shu Jueting added, “China will continue to assess and evaluate implementation of the legislation and will take measures to safeguard its legal interests when necessary.”

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China Offended By Biden's Discriminatory EV Tax Credit Scheme, Promises Retaliatory Action

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