Not every vehicle is a winner.

No matter how much car knowledge you have, no matter how much research and test driving you do, every once in a while you're bound to end up with a real TURKEY of a vehicle.

So don't feel bad, it can happen to anyone including us at Auto Spies.

We've all probably owned some GEMS over the years.

One in particular for me was the Bangle BMW 7-Series. I had three in a three year period that were ALL lemon buybacks. NOT KIDDING.

So let's rid ourselves of some guilt and let our dirty laundry on this USA Thanksgiving Eve.

Tell us what YOUR BIGGEST turkey or turkey's have been.

And from all of us to all our USA readers we want to wish you ALL a very happy and wonderful Thanksgiving. We are all VERY thankful at Auto Spies for YOU! CHEERS!!

What's The BIGGEST TURKEY Of A VEHICLE That You've EVER Owned?

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