It was first a subcompact (until 2003), then a fully-fledged compact car, but no one could blame the Japanese hybrid car for adhering to the norm. Currently, it has settled into a five-door liftback lifestyle, and the quirkiness of the design has been recently interpreted for the all-new ‘Hybrid Reborn’ iteration quite successfully – according to many.

Alas, nothing is ever perfect. So, while in the real world we are still waiting for the first deliveries of the Prius HEV and Plug-in Hybrid (aka Prime in America), the alternative universe of the virtual automotive realm is bristling with ideas. As such, some digital artists have decided to take matters into their hands – or at the tip of their CGI brushes, as is the case here.

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If The New Prius Morphs Into A SUV Would You Want One?

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