Picture the scene: it’s 5am, you’re on your way to work for an early shift. The visibility is good, the weather fine, and there’s almost no traffic on the roads. Oh, and here comes your favorite roundabout.

You do a quick cop-check – nothing around – then turn off the ESP and flick the car into a cheeky slide. Not a gratuitous smokey lap of the traffic circle, just a little flourish on the exit that didn’t need more than a quarter of a turn of steering to sort out, then carry on up the road at a totally normal speed.

If a cop had seen you he’d almost certainly claim you’d broken some law but there were no police cars around and you’d done your due diligence. You’d made sure there was no one else near other that one car coming from the opposite direction, and it was too far away to be in any danger. But not too far away to record the action on a little gadget on its windshield.

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Are Dashcams A Good Thing, Or An Invasion Of Privacy?

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