Nissan is committed to launching an electric car with a solid-state battery, believing itself to be in a “class-leading position” regarding the technology. 

The Japanese firm, which was first to launch a mass market electric car (the Nissan Leaf) in 2010, plans to have a pilot solid-state battery production plant up and running by 2025; to have completed engineering on the initial technology by 2026; and to then ramp up towards mass production in 2028 with the first application in a car. 


David Moss, Nissan’s senior vice-president for research and development in Europe, said: “We think we have something quite special and are in a group leading the technology. We want to get the cost down [compared with lithium ion batteries] by 50%, to double the energy density and to offer three times the charging speed.”

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Nissan Claims By 2028 It Will Have Solid State Batteries With 3 Times The Charging Speeds And Double The Density

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