Everybody knows that Tesla is working on a refreshed Model 3, which should be ready for production next year. Rumors about a so-called “Project Highland” started circulating in November last year, prompting people to speculate about the modifications. Nevertheless, the prototypes spotted in the wild seemed like run-of-the-mill Tesla Model 3s, despite the black cladding hiding most of the front and rear sections. Some people even thought this was a joke and started calling it “Project Hypeland.”

Whatever this is about, the importance of Tesla’s Project Highland should not be dismissed. If we get it right, and Elon Musk’s fondness for easter eggs is an indication, this hints at the car manufacturing revolution Ford started in 1913 at its Highland Park factory in Michigan. We’re not sure how this manufacturing revolution relates to the Model 3, but it doesn’t have to. We know that Tesla is on to something with car manufacturing, and the main beneficiary is the rumored new affordable model that Tesla is working on.

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Tesla's Project Highland Prototype Caught Undergoing Testing

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