It's not so hard for a car designer to create something that creates a SPLASH in the the market.

Remember the Plymouth Prowler? Chrysler Crossfire? PT Cruiser? Chevy SSR? Bangle BMW 7-Series? Mercedes CLK? Mercedes SLR?

At the time, ALL of them made a memorable and grand entry.

But if you see one today, most of us look at them with PURE DISDAIN and think they sure DIDN'T age well.

And through an exercise like that it makes it VERY clear, it's MUCH HARDER to design a product that will age well and stand the test of time.

Like say the Porsche 911. Or a Land Rover Defender..

But those designs are ages old.

So a great example of a MODERN design would be in our opinion, a Tesla Model S. It's been out for a while but to our eye, it will go down as a classic.

And now for your assignment...and we say this is NOT an easy one...

Name a MODERN vehicle design that has aged BETTER than the Tesla Model S.


A TOUGH ASSIGNMENT! Name A MODERN Vehicle Design That Has Aged BETTER Than The Tesla Model S.

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