Visiting car dealerships can be a fun experience, even if you're not in the market for a new vehicle. One of the most enjoyable things about visiting car dealerships is getting to see and test drive the latest models, which can be a great way to learn about new technologies and features. Additionally, checking out different colors and options can be a fun way to imagine what your dream car would look like. Some dealerships even offer free snacks and refreshments, which can make for a pleasant and enjoyable visit. Overall, visiting car dealerships can be a fun and informative way to spend a day.

I personally LOVE going to the dealers and hearing the latest ’TEA’ (ask your kids what that means).

We all know the role of car dealerships has evolved over time, and the question remains, how often do you personally visit actual car dealers in a month and why?

Spies, we want to hear from you! Please answer the following questions:

1. How many times do you visit car dealerships in a month?

2. Why do you visit car dealerships?

3. Do you visit car dealerships for fun, even if you don't have a specific need?

4. If you visit car dealerships for fun, what is your favorite thing about it?

5. What is your least favorite thing about visiting car dealerships?

Rev Your Engines and Share Your Thoughts: How Often Do You Visit Car Dealerships and What Do You Love (or Hate) About Them? And Is It FUN For YOU?

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