Oregon has some of the best incentives for buying an electric vehicle in the country. Buyers are able to receive up to $7,500 back from the state if they qualify for two separate rebates. Unfortunately, this generous rebate program is running out of money, so the state has decided to pause it beginning May 1.
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) offers the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program, which consists of two possible rebates. The standard rebate is available to all Oregonians who purchase an EV under $50,000 and is worth $2,500. Middle- and low-income earners, though, are also eligible for the "charge ahead" rebate worth another $5,000. Combined, both rebates match the federal government's current tax credit program that also offers a $7,500 incentive for eligible EV buyers. Combined, buyers can get up to $15,000 off the eligible EV of their choice.

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Oregon EV Rebate Program Runs Out Of Money

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