Thanks to numerous trademarks registered with the German Trade Mark and Patent Office in the last two weeks (43 in total, the complete list can be viewed at the bottom of this article), CarBuzz can report that BMW is working on loads of new electric cars and will reimagine the entire naming scheme we've become accustomed to for gas-powered Bimmers.
As you may know, current BMW models like the 3 Series have a simple three-part naming scheme. The first digit is the model series, the two subsequent digits designate its powertrain level, and the last element is one of three suffixes: d, i, or e. The first refers to diesel-powered cars, the second to gasoline injection vehicles, and the third to electrified hybrid models. Recently, BMW has attached the letter i as a prefix to all-electric cars like the i4. But the new naming scheme will seemingly combine the two nomenclature systems, forgoing EV suffixes like "eDrive35" on electric models.

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BMW To Rename 43 Different Models In EV Push

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