Cruise robotaxi again went into the spotlight after a storm downed trees and utility wires in San Francisco. The autonomous cars failed to notice the yellow tape isolating the affected streets and got entangled in the cables.
About five years ago, many people thought autonomous vehicles would roam the streets and replace the humans behind the wheels. Despite promising technologies making “progress,” we still have nothing close to autonomous driving. Sure, many companies boast about their self-driving technologies just around the corner. Still, they can’t assume responsibility for their decisions, hence they’re still at SAE Level 2.
Robotaxi companies also claim progress, probably to justify burning billions of dollars. Their cars operate without a driver behind the wheel, although remotely supervised. These autonomous vehicles pass as Level 4 because they drive in geofenced areas. Even so, they often cause more problems than they solve. This became obvious on Tuesday night after a storm hit San Francisco, and downed trees and utility wires blocked the streets.

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San Francisco's Cruise Robotaxis Drive Through Yellow Caution Tape, Get Caught In Downed Power Lines, And Block Traffic

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