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It's a phenomenon that's as predictable as the sun rising in the morning: the second you buy an electric vehicle (EV), you're guaranteed to get inundated with questions about your car's mileage. It's like EV buyers have a sign on their forehead that says "Ask me about my range!"

For those of you who have never owned an EV, let me explain: range anxiety is a real thing. It's the fear that you'll run out of juice before you can reach your destination. And for some reason, people seem to think that EV owners are perpetually on the verge of running out of battery.

It doesn't matter if you just bought your EV yesterday or if you've had it for years. The moment someone finds out you drive an electric car, they will ask you the same question: "How many miles do you get?" And if you're anything like me, you'll start to feel like a broken record after a while.

I've tried to come up with creative responses to this question, but nothing seems to satisfy people. "Oh, I get about 200 miles on a single charge," I'll say. "Is that good?" they'll ask. "It depends on your perspective," I'll reply. "If you're used to driving a gas car, it might not seem like a lot. But for me, it's plenty."

Sometimes, people will try to one-up me. "Oh, that's not bad. I get 300 miles on a single charge with my Tesla." Congratulations, I'll think to myself. But I'm not in a competition with you.

And then there are the people who just don't understand how EVs work. "So, you have to plug it in every night?" they'll ask. "Yes," I'll reply. "Just like you have to fill up your gas tank." "But how long does it take to charge?" they'll ask. "It depends on the car and the charger," I'll say. "But it usually takes a few hours."
I've even had people ask me if my EV is like a hybrid, as if the concept of a fully electric car is still a foreign concept to them. "No, it's not a hybrid," I'll say. "It runs entirely on electricity."

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to answer people's questions about EVs. I'm passionate about the technology and I love driving my electric car. But sometimes, I just want to enjoy my ride without feeling like a spokesperson for the EV industry.

So, to all the future EV buyers out there, brace yourself for the inevitable barrage of questions about your car's mileage. And if you're feeling particularly cheeky, try responding with a question of your own. "How many miles do you get on a tank of gas?" you could ask. "I don't know," they'll reply. "Exactly," you can say with a grin. "Neither do I."

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