Tesla bowed down to customers' requests and reintroduced the round steering wheel on the Model S and Model X. It went even further and offered a retrofit for those who wanted to replace the yoke in their cars. Although many Tesla fans declared they would never return to driving with a steering wheel, the retrofit option sold out in record time.
Tesla surprised people when it launched the refreshed Model S and Model X with a yoke instead of the usual steering wheel. The move was hailed by Tesla fans, who considered the yoke way cooler than the wheel. They even convinced themselves that driving with a yoke is a better experience. It isn't, especially when you need to maneuver in tight spaces. The squarish thing is not made to rotate, and Tesla did not offer a variable steering ratio, so it proved a nuisance for many.

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So Many Tesla Owners Hate The Yoke Steering Wheels That Round Retrofit Kits Are Sold Out

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