Yep, we know it’s the Audi TT that is pretty much considered a hairdresser's car, but its direct rival from Porsche, the Boxster (and the Cayman) is not that far behind either. However, the 718 duo won't challenge its likes for much longer, as they’re bound to join the battery-electric party.
Those who are up to date with everything going on in the car world know that prototypes have been spotted testing in different environments since last year. A Porsche motorcade, comprising several prototypes of the 718 Boxster EV (name unconfirmed) among others, was recently spotted enduring the cold in Europe’s frozen north.
At first glance, the testers do not seem to have that much camouflage on. However, instead of the trippy stickers, the Zuffenhausen marque chose a black look, which makes spotting the changes a bit harder, especially with the occasional cladding still on. From certain angles, it sends Mission R vibes, and it has different front and rear lighting units, perhaps joined by a full width LED strip out back, above the charging port located in the middle of the bumper. Don’t mind the exhaust tip, because it’s there to further trick bystanders into thinking that this is an ICE-powered 718 Boxster.

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All Electric Porsche Boxster EV Spied During Winter Testing

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