F1’s expansion into the American market has been extremely rapid these past few years, with the racing series going from one race in the USA to three in the span of two years. Now, there could potentially be a fourth, as the mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey has approved development of a racetrack that is up to “Formula 1 specifications.”
The $2.7 billion investment, which is to be built on the grounds of an old airfield, includes housing and shops in addition to the 2.4-mile (3.9-km) track itself. The project is expected to take six to nine years to complete, meaning we won’t see anything of this space until at least the end of the decade, assuming it gets finished at all. Even if it does go through, there’s still no guarantee that F1 will actually make its way to the Garden State, only the fact that the track will supposedly be up to their standards.

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New Jersey F1 Track Approved For Development - Who The Hell Wants A F1 Event In New Jersey?

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