The family of a California couple killed in a crash in Florida last year has named Tesla in a wrongful death lawsuit. Mary Lou and Karl Seelandt died when their Tesla Model S hit the back of a tractor-trailer at a Florida highway rest stop.
On July 6, 2022, a strange but deadly crash happened on I-75 at the Paynes Prairie Rest Area. A Tesla Model S exited the interstate and veered toward the truck lot, plowing into the back of a parked Walmart truck. To get there, the car had to make an S, driving to the right to enter the rest area and then left to enter the truck parking zone, where it hit the truck. The impact was so powerful that the Model S entered underneath the trailer until its B-pillar. There was no escape for the 66-year-old woman behind the wheel and her 67-year-old husband.

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Tesla Accused Of Wrongful Death In Fatal Crash After Investigation Clears Autopilot

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