A coalition of 54 consumer and environmental groups from 26 countries have written a letter to Toyota asking that the company phase-out fossil fuels globally by 2035, and in Europe by 2030. The letter is timed to coincide with the start of new CEO Koji Sato’s tenure at the company on April 1.
Toyota occupies a commanding role in global auto manufacturing. It is not only the largest company in Japan by a longshot, but also often the world’s number-one automaker (sometimes swapping this title with VW). As a result, the company’s actions can set the tone for the auto industry.
It also carries the respect of manufacturing companies outside of the auto industry, with its famous “kaizen” production methods. Kaizen’s focus on efficiency has influenced manufacturing worldwide – somewhat to its recent detriment, as just-in-time production proved disastrous during COVID-19 supply chain disruptions.

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Climate Change Blackmail? Coalition Of 54 Organizations Demand Toyota Shift To EVs Globally

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